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Problem :

I am beginner in the node.js .Currently I am trying to install node.js using the below command

 npm install nodemon --save.

But when I try to run a server with below command

 nodemon server.js.

then in my terminal I face below error:

“Nodemon is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I came across your above question and it is related to my skill set so I will help you in resolving your issue. You just need to follow below steps.

1.You need to install your nodemon globally using below command:

C:\>npm install -g nodemon

2.Then type below command to get prefix:

C:\>npm config get prefix

After the command executes successfully you will get the output like below in your console:


Just Copy it.

3.Now you need to Set Path by following below navigation.
Go to your Advance System Settings → click on Environment Variable → Click on New (Under the User Variables) → Then it will display the Pop up form  → just Pass the below values:

4.variable name = path,
variable value = you need to Copy output from your console

5.At the end just Run Nodemon:

C:\>nodemon .
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