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Problem :

I am trying to dynamically add and remove the tab in my tablayout. I have already used the FragmentPagerAdapter. I have my TabLayout and inside the TabLayout I have the ViewPager.I am able to add my tabs dynamically but while trying to remove my tab the viewpagers last item is also deleted and tab is also deleted. As a result my tab is unable to show the specific fragment.

How can I fix this issue?

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Solution :

I hope you know that the support libraries have changed. Now with the new support library (currently using 23.2.1) you must only add to your Viewpager and you must not to the TabLayout otherwise you will end up with the new behavior showing double tabs and other very funky and different behavior.

I am giving you the below methods which you can use in your code to fix your issues.

You need to add the removeTabPage method as shown below to your PagerAdapter

public void removeTabPage(int position) {
    if (!tabItems.isEmpty() && position<tabItems.size()) {

Also you need to add the addTabPage method as shown below  to your PagerAdapter

public void addTabPage(String title) {

If you want to remove all the tabs from the tabLayout then you can use below code

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