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Problem :

I have recently upgraded my PHP on Apache. Before upgrading everything was good. But after I upgraded my server PHP I am regularly facing the below error with my latest PHP Version 5.6.2 on Apache 2.0.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference

Filename: core/Common.php

Line Number: 257

What could have caused the above error? How can I fix this error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I was going through some of the posts on this forum and I came across your error.

I can suggest you that please do not override a core.common file of the codeigniter. As that file is already used by many people and already tested by them also the system files.

So I researched on it a lot and made the solution for your above error. Go to your ckeditor_helper.php file and look at the code at line- 65

if($k !== end (array_keys($data['config']))) {
       $return .= ",";

You need to change above code to the below code

$segment = array_keys($data['config']);
    if($k !== end($segment)) {
           $return .= ",";

According to me it is the best possible solution on your error and it will help you to remove your problem notice.

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