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Can anyone give the right solution?

What is the search term for the following search description: Pages about the exact phrase, social networking sites ?

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Let me try to help you with your query.

The correct answer is: social networking sites
Hope this might help you.

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The Correct Answer of this Question is Social Networking Site.

Explanation: See the below table

online reference

service that connects you with a human librarian

metasearch engine

offers the convenience of searching many sources from one web site

general search

engine that searches web pages in its database that contain specific words or phrases

specialty search

engine that provides access to academic information for research

social search tool

Finds subjective content, such as comments, reviews, and opinions

information about apple’s social networking technology

site:www.apple.com social networking

social network

Pages about social networks, social networking, and a social network

<b>social networking sites</b>

pages about the exact phrase, social networking sites

~network social

social networks, including synonyms for networks


social networking sites other than facebook

news sites

provide immediate reactions to current and recent events report facts as they occur

scholarly sites

include information that has been written and researched throughly by experts published by professionals for a professional audience provide access to articles and books that analyze events and place them in historical perspective

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