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Problem :

I am facing below listed very strange error. I am using Apache Server.

“413. that’s an error. your client issued a request that was too large. that’s all we know.”

How can I fix this error?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I had faced this issue while I was using the Apache server.

If you are using Apache web servers then there is a very handy directive called LimitRequestBody. This directive will give you the functionality very similar to client_max_body_size by the use of it you will be able to easily restrict the size of the HTTP request. Your LimitRequestBody directive must be defined in either your http.conf file or you can define it in your .htaccess file. The default value for this magical directive in the Apache is 0, but you can set the value to whatever bytes you like to the value must be represented in the bytes.

E.g., if you are trying to restrict the requests which are larger than the 100MB then you must use as below.

LimitRequestBody 104857600

If you are satisfied by your changes then you can save your configuration file and simply reload your Apache using a following command: service apache2 reload.

This will fix your issue.

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This error occurs when a request is made from a client that is too large to be processed by the webserver. If your web server is setting a particular HTTP request size limit, clients may come across a 413 Request Entity too large response.


It is dependent upon the type of web server you are using that will determine which directives you need to configure. Whether you want to restrict users from uploading overly large files to your web server or want to increase the upload size limit.

Fixing this error:

Depending on the server you are using, implement the necessary changes to configure your web servers maximum HTTP request size allowance. By doing so, you can set the threshold file size for which the client is allowed to upload and if the limit is passed, then the above error occurs.


For nagix users, the directive that determines what the allowable HTTP request size can be is client_max_body_size. This directive already defines and if not you can add by an HTTP, server, or location block then define the value;

server {

    client_max_body_size 100M;




For the Apache web server, a similar directive is called LimitRequestBody. This provides the same functionality as client_max_body_size.

For Example:

If you wanted to restrict requests larger than 100MB then use the following;

LimitRequestBody 104857600


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