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I am enable to write statement which can define plist to be the empty list.
Can anyone help?
Write a statement that defines plist to be the empty list?
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2 Answers

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We can write as 


For more in details you can study 


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We can write the plist to be an empty list as;


What is plist?

Plist also called property list is the flexible and very convenient method for storing application data. Originally, it was defined by Apple for use in iPhone devices and later usage of plist was spread to other applications also.

Why do we need to plist?

When we want to keep some information or configuration out of code and don’t want something fancy. Then it is recommended to save it as Property list file (.plist).

Translate plist:

Since the splits are simple XML files, so you can use the simple text editor to translate them. The translation of split files is very tricky. Even the one wrong character can make the whole files unusable.


However, ICanLocalize allows allowing the plist files as a part of a software localization project. A parser will go through the plist files. This will extract all the text that is required to be translated and make them available to the translators. Translators only read the text, without considering file format.

When the translation is complete, then the new plait file can be created that has the same structure as the original file  

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