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I am new in programming and when running below code getting some unexpected error, can anyone help me with right result after running this code?
Given the following code, what will be the value of finalAmount when it is displayed?
public class Order
private int orderNum;
private double orderAmount;
private double orderDiscount;

public Order(int orderNumber, double orderAmt,
double orderDisc)
orderNum = orderNumber;
orderAmount = orderAmt;
orderDiscount = orderDisc;
public int getOrderAmount()
return orderAmount;
public int getOrderDisc()
return orderDisc;

public class CustomerOrder
public static void main(String[] args)
int ordNum = 1234;
double ordAmount = 580.00;
double discountPer = .1;
Order order;
double finalAmount = order.getOrderAmount() —
order.getOrderAmount() * order.getOrderDisc();
System.out.println("Final order amount = $" +


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I have run this code and notice what issue you are facing is that 
There is no value because the object order has not been created.
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