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A company executive has just bought a new Android mobile device. She wants you to help her make sure it is protected from malware threats.
What options are available and important to use to protects Android devices?

(Select two.)

  • Anti-virus apps for Android have not been developed yet
  • Android mobile devices, like iOS, devices, are not susceptible to malware threats
  • Any Android anti-virus app will be about as effective as any other
  • App reviews and ratings will help you choose an effective anti-virus app
  • Android operating system updates are sufficient to protect against malware threats
  • Anti-virus apps are available for purchase from Android app stores
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1 Answer

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The option to protect android device from malware threat will be 
• App reviews and ratings will help you choose an effective anti-virus app
• Anti-virus apps are available for purchase from Android app stores
This will help you a lot.
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