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Problem :

The Salesforce developer account is not allowing my app to be authenticated through the oauth. Recently I just  changed my redirect url and I started getting below error:


How to resolve this issue?

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Solution :

I have gone through your question. I will guide you in fixing your error. The salesforce always provides you with the Client Id and Client secret. After that the third party application can start accessing the System via a third party application.
So when you try to invoke Oauth Endpoint in your salesforce, you must send the callback URI. This is very important URL as the salesforce will invoke it once it successfully Authorizes and sends back you the Code. So please cross check if that Call back URI is exactly same as you specified in your Connected app settings as below.
As soon as the Application is defined the salesforce will try to send this information to all instances of its servers which will take some time.
So in your case it might have happened that you only changed a callbackURI and after that salesforce took a littele time to send those changes to instances as a result you were facing a redirectr URI mismatch or a URI that you were trying to use while invoking a salesforce was still a old URI. 

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