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I am little bit confused, which tool to used?  
Which tool in Windows would you use to browse all networks and shared folders to which a user has access?
(Select three.)

A. Network
B. Windows Explorer
C. Computer Management
D. Computer
E. Device Manager
F. Network Neighbourhood
G. Explanation

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2 Answers

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It very easy to explain and solution to your query is 

A. Network,
B. Windows Explorer,  
D. Computer

Explanation: Network acts as a built-in network browser showing all networks and shared folders to which the user has access. This same information can be viewed in Computer and Windows Explorer Network Neighborhood was used in previous Windows versions, but was replaced by My Network Places in Windows 2000: Me, and XP and by Network in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Computer Management and Device Manager are used to manage hardware and software in the Windows system and can't be used to browse the network.

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We have three different methods to discuss the alternatives in all modern versions of windows;

File Explorer/ Windows Explorer:

This is the simplest method of viewing the folders that you have shared in windows is from File Explorer. Open it and expand the network section from the left side of the window and click on the name of your PC. This will show you the list of all files and folders on your device with the network. The disadvantage of this view is that it does not show hidden folders and don’t give too much information.

Computer management:

The best way to get all the folders list that the user is sharing on PC is Computer management. Open computer management on the left side of the window. Go to “System Tools” then Shared Folders and Shares.

For each shared folders, you can see the official share name, the exact folder path, the type of share, and the number of connections made from the network to that folder, and short description.

Command prompt:

You can also get the complete list of folders you are sharing with the network form the command prompt. Open the tool you want and type net share. Then press Enter, the list of all the shared folders is instantly generated.

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