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Problem :

My Windows Server 2012 VM was working without any issues, I just restarted it. After restarted my vm, I changed some of the settings and also attached the dvd drive it would boot up again.

But now it gives below error:

“Failed - The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered off)”
I am unable to revert the setting as it is not booting I also checked my host machine and tried booting it from there but I was unable to do it. Also I tried to reboot it, reset it but nothing is working and now it is not even in the running VMs list.
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Solution :

I had also faced the same issue in the past. I had made few changes to my VM using the Remote Console I had removed the ISO from DVD. And after that me too received the same error. So I just un-registered the VM and after that re-registered the VM and now it is working fine.

If the status of your VM is still not in sync with the VC then it is clear that VM itself has the issue. 

If this is the same case with you then you need to kill the  VMPID by performing below procedure;

#Below command should return all running VMs vmid#

cat /proc/vmware/vm/*/names/ 

#lookup the actual group id

less -S /proc/vmware/vm/(your vmid)/cpu/status

#kill the vm with the group id you got from the above

/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmkload_app -k 9 (yourgroupID)

And your issue will be resolved.

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