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What two things must you do to a Windows Server to convert it to a domain controller?

a. Install Server Manager.
b. Install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).
c. Install DNS.
d. Execute dcpromo from Server Manager
Can any one explain the process to convert it to domain controller?
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Two things which we must do to a Windows Server to convert it to a domain controller is 


  • Install Active Directory
  •  Execute dcpromo from Server Manager

A domain controller is a Windows server that stores a replica of the account and security information for the domain and defines the domain boundaries. To make a computer running Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 a domain controller, you must install the AD DS and execute dcpromo from Server Manager.


To promote a windows server to a domain controller we must fallow following steps:

  1. Start the DCPROMO utility (Start - Run - DCPROMO)
  2. Click Next to the introduction screen.
  3. You will have a choice to "New domain" or "Replica domain controller in existing domain".
  4. A new concept is trees which enable the idea of child domains.
  5. If you selected to create a new domain tree you will be asked if you want to "Create a new forest of domain trees" or "put this new domain tree in an existing forest". Forests enable you to "join" a number of separate domain trees and again a transitive trust relationship is created between them. If this is your first NT 5.0 domain tree you should create a new forest. Click Next
  6. You will then be asked for the DNS name of your domain, e.g. John Savill's Corner of the Web is a valid domain name. It is important this matches information configured on the DNS server. Click Next
  7. You will then be asked for a NetBIOS domain name which by default will be the left most part of the DNS domain name (up to the first 15 characters), e.g. savilltech, however this can be changed. Click Next to continue.
  8. You will then have to provide a storage area for the Active Directory and the Active Directory log. Except the defaults and click Next
  9. Finally you must select an area on an NTFS 5.0 partition for the SYSVOL volume for storage of the servers public files, %systemroot%\SYSVOL by default. Click Next
  10. An option to weaken security for pre-Windows 2000 services such as a 4.0 RAS server. Select your option and click Next
  11. You will be asked for an Administrator password to be used in Directory Server restore mode. Click Next
  12. A summary screen will be displayed and click Next to start the upgrade. It sets security and creates the Directory Server schema container. Information from the default directory service file and the old SAM is then read in if the machine is an upgraded PDC.
  13. You should then click Finish and reboot the server

For mor details, please go through:


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