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I am new, I need help, can anyone help me by filling in the blanks?
The ____ function determines the lowest number in a range?
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The correct answer is : MIN

The Excel MIN function returns the smallest numeric value in a range of values. The MIN function ignores empty cells, the logical values TRUE and FALSE, and text values. Get the smallest value.

This might help you.

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The correct answer of this question is The MIN function determines the lowest numbers in a range.

For Further Information Check Out This list

Which of the following calculations multiplies 23 by 0.01?


The adjusted cell references in a copied and pasted formula are called ____ cell references.


When more than one arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic order of ____ that you use in algebra.


You can open the Format Cells dialog box by pressing the ____ keys

Ctrl + 1

Excel attempts to guess which cells you want to include in the function by looking for ranges that are adjacent to the selected cell and that contain numeric data.


You can use the arrow keys to complete an entry in Point mode.


To paste copied cell contents, you can press the ____ keys.

Ctrl + V

Clicking the ____ opens the Insert Function dialog box.

Insert function box in the formula bar

Excel automatically appends the ____ to complete the AVERAGE function when you click the Enter box or press the ENTER key

Right parenthesis

The most common error when entering a formula is to reference the wrong cell in the formula.


When you enter a two-digit year that is less than 30, Excel changes the year to ____.


____ view allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format.

Page Layout

The ____ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range.


Which of the following is the path to the Conditional Formatting button?

(HOME tab | Styles group)

Which of the following Option buttons gives options for filling cells following a fill operation?

Auto Fill Options

A ____ is text and graphics that print at the top of each page.


Cooler colors tend to pull away from the reader.


A(n) ____ circular reference occurs when a formula in a cell refers to another cell or cells that include a formula that refers back to the original cell.


Which of the following is the path to the Sum arrow?

(HOME tab | Editing group)

The ____ function determines the lowest number in a range.


The ____ Option button lists formatting options following an insertion of cells, rows, or columns.


As in algebra, you can use brackets to override the order of operations Excel follows to perform formula calculations.


A ____ is text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page.


Moving from left to right, the first calculation in the order of operations is negation (-).


Using Point mode to enter formulas often is faster and more accurate than using the keyboard to type the entire formula.


Excel recognizes the following as text: 401AX21, 921-231, 619 321, 883XTY.


You______a worksheet to emphasize certain entries an make the worksheet easier to read and understand.


You can apply the Bold font style by pressing the ____keyboard shortcut keys.

Cntrl + B

Which of the following keys over the insertion point to the beginning of data in a cell?


The ______ preceding a formula alerts Excel that you are entering a formula or function and not text.

equal sign (=)

Which of the following is the Ribbon path to the Cell Styles button?

(HOME tab I Styles group)

The ____ button allows you to choose whether you want to copy the values from the source area to the destination area with formatting.

Auto Fill Options

Live preview is available on a touch screen


The range of cells receiving the content of copied cells is called the ____.

Destination Area

Pressing the ____ key to complete an entry activates the adjacent cell to the right.


A character with a point size of 10 is about 10/72 of one inch in height.


With Excel in Edit mode, you can edit cell contents directly in the cell.


Clicking the ___ box completes an entry.


The Top status bar command is used to display the highest value in the selected range in the AutoCalculate area.


The first step in creating an effective worksheet is to make sure you ____.

Understand what is required

A thin red border indicates the active cell


When you tap or click the Enter box to complete an entry in a cell, the active cell moves down to the next cell in the same column.


The group of adjacent cells beginning with B4 and ending with B8, written as B4:B8, is called a(n) range.


You should press the SPACEBAR to clear a cell.


To erase an entire entry in a cell and then reenter the data from the beginning, press the ____ key.


If you accidentally undo an action , you can use the Redo button to redo it..


If a major error is made when typing data into a cell, tap or click the Cancel box in the formula bar or press the ECS key to erase the entire entry, and then reenter the data from the beginning.


An Excel_____ allows data to be summarized and charted easily.


A ______ reference is an adjusted cell reference in a copied and pasted formula.


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