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Problem :

I have RDS running on my Windows Server 2012 R2. I can still use this feature without any issue. I can also log into my RDS Web page, and can access all of the remote applications which I have published. But I am unable to manage the deployment. When I try to launch the server manager, and then try to navigate to RDS then I face the below message

A Remote Desktop Services deployment does not exist in the server pool. To create a deployment, run the Add Roles and Features Wizard and select the Remote Desktop Services installation option.


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Solution :

I had also faced the same issue in the past. I am sharing the solution on it as below.

I fixed this issue by reconfiguring my  RDS deployment afterwards. You must do the RDS role installation as the very first step from the correct spot, you must select the VDI installation which should really transfers your server from the member server to the RDS server. But if still those options are not available for you then you need to reboot. After that rerun the same installation wizard and try to select the new RDS switch to be created also. After re-running your installation you will see the RDS infrastructure available in your Server Manager. 

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