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Can anyone help it was actually asked in exam as following and I need to know whether my answer was right or not?

In an 802.11 data frame, what is the size of the frame check sequence field?

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As per my experience and knowledge 

The correct answer is: 6 bytes

Hope this might help you.

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The Correct Answer Of This Question Is 6 bytes


In the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network protocols (such as Wi-Fi), a waterproof frame is built of common fields (which gift altogether forms of frames) and specific fields (present in sure cases, betting on the kind and subtype laid out in the primary octet of the frame). The terribly 1st 2 octets transmitted by a station is that the Frame management. the primary 3 subfields among the frame management and therefore the last field (FCS) area unit invariably gift altogether forms of 802.11 frames. These 3 subfields include 2 bits Protocol Version subfield, 2 bits kind subfield, and 2 bits Subtype subfield. The remaining subfields will be gift or absent betting on the setting of the kind and Subtype subfields.

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