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I am little bit confused, which statement is true?  
While a computer or mobile device is running, the operating system remains in memory?
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OS is a set of programs that takes care of all kinds of activities among the hardware device. If a computer or a mobile device is running then, the operating system remains in its memory. 
Therefore, the given statement is “ True ”. 
It is a set of programs that takes care of all kinds of activities among the hardware device.
This will help you.
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The above system remains true because, during the operation management, the operating system remains in the memory.

Memory management:

In the operating system, memory management is the function who is responsible for managing the computer's primary memory.


The memory management keeps track of the status of each memory location, either allocated or free. It determines how the memory is allocated during the competing processes, decides which get the memory, when they receive it and how much they are allocated. When memory is allocated it also determines which memory location will be assigned. It tracks when the memory will be free and unallocated and updated the status.

Memory management techniques;

The memory can be managed by the following methods;

Single contiguous allocation:

Single allocation is the simplest memory management technique. All the computer memory with the exception of a small portion reserved for the operating system is available to the single application.

Partitioned allocation:

Partitioned memory allocation divides primary memory into multiple memory partitions. Each partition might contain all the information for a specific job or task.

Paged memory management:

This allocation divides the computer's primary memory into fixed-size units called page frames and the program's virtual address space into the pages of the same size.

Segmented memory management:

This is the only memory management technique that does not provide the user's program with the linear and contiguous address space. Segments are the areas of memory that usually correspond to a logical grouping of information such as a code procedure or data entry.

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