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I am new, I need help, can anyone help?
This is a special value that marks the end of a list of values?

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As per my experience and knowledge 

The correct answer is: sentinel.


Sentinel value is a special value that is used to terminate a loop. The sentinel value typically is chosen so as to not be a legitimate data value that the loop will encounter and attempt to perform with. ... Also referred to as a flag value or a signal value.

Hope this might help you.

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Solution: we are hoping the answer of this question is sentinel value

In brief Explanation:

A sentinel is a special value that marks the end of a list of items. When a program reads the sentinel value it knows it has reached the end of the list, so the loop terminates.

In computer programming, a sentinel value (also referred to as a flag value, trip value, rogue value, signal value, or dummy data) is a special value in the context of an algorithm which uses its presence as a condition of termination, typically in a loop or recursive algorithm.

The sentinel value is a form of in-band data that makes it possible to detect the end of the data when no out-of-band data (such as an explicit size indication) is provided. The value should be selected in such a way that it is guaranteed to be distinct from all legal data values, since otherwise the presence of such values would prematurely signal the end of the data (the semipredicate problem). A sentinel value is sometimes known as an "Elephant in Cairo", due to a joke where this is used as a physical sentinel. In safe languages, most uses of sentinel values could be replaced with option types, which enforce explicit handling of the exceptional case.

For Further study go to this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinel_value

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