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Can anyone give the right solution by filling in the blanks?

A database is used instead of a spreadsheet when ________?
A) lists of data involve a single theme
B) structures of data lists are simple
C) lists involve data with multiple themes
D) users do not want to store all data in one place

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2 Answers

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The correct answer is: lists involve data with multiple themes.

Hope this might help you.

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A database is used instead of a spreadsheet when the list involves the data with multiple themes.

Reasons to use the database:

There are the following reasons for using the database over the spreadsheet.

Storage limit:

A spreadsheet can store only a limited amount of data by its rows and columns while the database can store an unlimited amount of data.

Data sharing:

Sharing the spreadsheet is a nightmare, making the sense of a shared spreadsheet more than one. The online database allows for easy and secure sharing.

Security is fickle:

Confidential data does not remain that way for long, Data in the database is encrypted by the SQL standards.

Version Control:

A spreadsheet is a lack of version control when someone you have shared the sheet with makes the changes to data. You are left with the two versions, with no way of knowing which one is correct. While the online database changes the versions every time the changes are made.

Data relationship:

A spreadsheet structure can not support the extensive data relationship. This makes solving real-world problems nearly impossible. The database is multidimensional and supports complex relationships between the tables.

Storage of data:

The database is used for back end storage while a spreadsheet is used as a front end to present the data and perform ad-hoc manipulations.

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