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Problem :

I am beginner to Angular 2. Currently I am trying to learn more about the server rendering with the help of Angular2, I am trying to use the gulp instead of webpack. But my problem is when my server starts then I start facing below error :

        throw 'reflect-metadata shim is required when using class decorators';
reflect-metadata shim is required when using class decorators

I have also tried some solutions mentioned online but they are not working on my code. How can I fix my code ?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I was reading few questions and I came across your question here. I had also faced the similar issue recently. I can give you some solutions for your issue just check if they can fix your error as below.

You can try to add the import 'reflect-metadata'; to your server.ts file as it will help you in server rendering. After adding that small line of code my errors got fixed.

You can also try add the div tag. Similar to the directive the component HTML tag should be enclosed in the div tag as shown below


When you will enclose your .HTML tag in div as shown above then your errors will be fixed.

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