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Problem :

I am new to MySql. The problem started when I was unable to login to Mysql using my Mysql console. It is repeatedly asking me the password and now I am unable to remember my password. Can I change my password ? And now when I am trying to open my PhpMyAdmin I am facing below error:

#1045 - access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: no)

I have also tried to properly uninstall the WAMP and after that deleted all my related files and then reinstalled it .But it did not fix my issue. How can I fix the issue ?

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Solution :

It is very straight forward to fix this issue. I can tell you the simle process to fix your error. You are facing the failure to connect to phpMyAdmin. To solve your problem you just need to give your correct password to a system phpMyAdmin configuration file which is located in apps\phpMyadmin\config.ini.php Points to remember your root should already be set as the user And you need to insert your preferred password between ' ' and your issue will be fixed.

If you still face the same problems then your user name or your password need to be added to your DB. To complete this simple task you can use a command line tool and do an update as shown below :

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('mphil’ or your preferred password) WHERE User='root';

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