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Problem :

I am new to CodeIgniter. The Codeigniter is raising issues about my registration model that it is sending header information before anything else. I thought that the models are there only for holding the database queries methods and nothing more. Can anybody please explain me about solution on my below error?

I am facing below error I am trying to run my php CodeIgniter project.

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by codeigniter

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1 Answer

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Solution :

People who are new to codeigniter often face this issue. Few of the Host Providers have tendency to use the PHP header(); to redirect the Site, So for those kind of specific   servers if we are using the PHP header() then it will show us above error. In the Code Igniter the redirect(); function is using the PHP header() to redirect the URL. So this is the reason behind our error.

The only solution on the error is to use the JavaScript to Solve this Issue, I have used it and it works for me as shown below.

//Normal Code to redirect

//Alternate Code to fix this issue
$myurl = 'site/function1';
window.location.href = "'.base_url().'index.php?/'.$myurl.'";

Hope this solution helps you too.

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