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Problem :

Currently I am trying to connect my HTC to my Windows PC and to begin with my Chrome started giving me below message.

Pending authentication: please accept debugging session on the device.

If I try to manually start my adb server with following command adb start-server then it connects to my device, but If I want to inspect any page on my device then I get disconnected immediately without any error and then it returns to message.

I am trying to fix this issue from past couple of days but nothing really working for me.

Can someone help in fixing this issue?

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1 Answer

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Solutions :

I have faced such issue earlier and I can tell you that fixing such issues is very tricky.

I am giving you some options those you can try to fix your issue.

The easiest solution on it is replacing your USB Cable. I replaced the cable and now it works for me. Sometimes if you have the bad quality of cable then it can cause such errors.

Sometimes if you go to Developer Options on your device and disabled the "USB Debugging" and after sometime enabled it again. And it works.

Hope above solutions will resolve your issue.

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