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Problem :

I am currently facing below error in my iPhone:

“The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone”.

To fix this problem I even tried to erase all content and settings of the iPhone and after that set it as the fresh new iPhone.

But I am still facing the above problem.

How can I fix my iPhone now?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I have read your question. I am trying to help you.

Please note that the Apple currently limits all its iDevice products to the maximum number of free accounts up to 3 total iCloud accounts per your iDevice. Any one iDevice can create up to the maximum of 3 iCloud accounts and then these accounts are tied to the iDevice hardware, not the user account i.e. they are now attaching the restriction to the iDevice itself. So now you can not create another iCloud account on your iPhone or the another iDevice. Now this is a Apple hard rule so you can not work around this set limit. If by chance you already created all of your 3 iCloud accounts then in that case you can not create another iCloud account using your particular device.

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