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Problem :

I am new to PHP. I have written my first db.php IM USING CLOUD9 is my host.

But I am facing below error while trying to execute my code

Php_network_getaddresses getaddrinfo failed name or service not known

How to fix above error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I have read your question. It seems you have just started learning PHP.

I can explain this in simple English, this error message simply means: "I am unable to know the address of your server."

Now in technical words the error message means a hostname which you are trying to connect is not having any public nameserver record.

A database server can only be accessed by very few specific servers, it is because of the security feature just to prevent a whole world from accessing it. So everyone simply can not try to access or hack it

A host is the server which is allowed to connect to your database server which might most probably be a server you upload all your html/php/.. files to.

This error is simply caused by the network related stuff and it is not caused by your programming mistakes.

I hope the way I explained to you must so now it must be very helpful to you in resolving it.

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