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When I compile and run the code below with either count++ or ++count substituted for the variable X, the output is identical; in both cases.

for (int count = 1; count < 11; x)
    std::cout << count << endl;

Can you please explain the order in which the three actions are evaluated in the for loop header, and explain exactly where the iterations occur when using count++ and ++count?

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All we need to know is: Increment operators are used to increasing the value by one while decrement works opposite increment.

Pre-increment (++i) − Before assigning the value to the variable, the value is incremented by one.

Post-increment (i++) − After assigning the value to the variable, the value is incremented.

we declare loop in our codes like below:


for (initialization; condition; increment/decrement)

But iteration follows the steps as given below:

    while (condition)


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