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What’s wrong with my codes? Can anybody please pull me up?

# add_list([1, 2, 3]) should return 6
# summarize([1, 2, 3]) should return "The sum of [1, 2, 3] is 6."
# Note: both functions will only take *one* argument each.

added_list = list()
sum = 0

def add_list(num):

def sum(num):
  sum = sum + add_list[num]

for num in 4:


Thanks in advance.




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The problem created on that line when you wrote  for num in 4 : 

The ‘for’ operator works only for iterable data like list, string or other object containers. To avoid this error you may use a useful function called range function.
So, use

for num in range(4) :

instead of

for num in 4 :

Good day!

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