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Hello folks, I was trying to write a simple program where it will add two numbers but I am getting error.
Can you please dig into it and let me know where I am being wrong?


# Python 3 Code

def myfunction(a, b):
  # Print the value of a+b
  add = a + b

# Print values in list
print('Addition: ', myfunction(10, 34));


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As I can see your code is not indented properly. You’ve put your return function outside of the condition. The compiler is reading your code before the return, and can’t proceed on and giving you the error message. You always have to the return inside your myfunction.

I am editing your code a little and put the return statement inside your function so that it can run correctly.

# Python 3 Code

def myfunction(a, b):
  # Print the value of a+b
  add = a + b

# Print values in list
print('Addition: ', myfunction(10, 34));

Now you can see the code indented properly and the return statement is just inside the function. This program will run and print

Addition:  44

For further understanding, you may go through the link


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