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if verb == "stoke":

        if items["heat"] >= 1:
            print("going to stoke the furnace")

            if items["coal"] >= 1:
                temperature += 250 
                print("the heat is now " + (temperature) + "degrees!")
                print("you can't")

            print("you have nothing to stoke")


I don’t know know what’s wrong with my code. The resulting error comes up as the following:

Traceback(most recent call last):
       File "C:\Users\User\Documents\Python\smelting game 0.3.1 build 
     , line 227, in <module>
         print("the heat is now " + (temperature) + "degrees!")
    TypeError: must be str, not int

I must recognize your effort.

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1 Answer

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Python can't automatically convert integer variable to string. You need to explicitly convert future variable to str.


print("the heat is now " + str(temperature) + "degrees!")

cast this portion to str. Then the code should execute with no errors.


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