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I am starting my programming experience with python recently. I’ve been surfing over the internet for a program that can remove punctuation from a String. I’ve found many of them but still can’t understand them. I am looking for a program written in very basic codes. If possible, please write me a program which would be easy to understand for me.


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Hello Gavin.

I hope you are doing great today.  It’s nice to someone asked a question in a polite way and briefly.

I’ve snippet a program below and tried to make it as simple as possible for your better understanding.

# define punctuation
punctuations = '''!()-[]{};:'"\,<>./?@#$%^&*_~'''

my_str = "Hello!!!, My name --- is Gavin."

# To take input from the user
# my_str = input("Enter a string: ")

# remove punctuation from the string
no_punct = ""
for char in my_str:
   if char not in punctuations:
       no_punct = no_punct + char

# display the unpunctuated string

This basic program will remove all the punctuations from a String. It will check each and every character of a string inside the for loop If it founds a punctuation an empty string will be assigned to it.

In this way, every punction will be removed from our string.



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