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Hello good people,

I am quite familiar with java programming and willing to figure out a little bit the c++ alongside. So I’ve read the c++ documentation roughly and started coding. You’ll find my sample code below that an error, “c++ incomplete type is not allowed” 

What to do now?

#include<iostream>int main() {
    //declare the array
    int myArray[10];    //initialize and print the array
    for(int i=0;i < 10; i++) {
        myArray[i] = i;
        std::cout << myArray[i] << "\n";


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2 Answers

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First of all, you need to read the documentation thoroughly instead of roughly before started coding in any programming language. I can see in your code you declared an array myArray as we do in java. There is a little bit difference between java a c++  declaring an array.

When we declare an array in java we do not allocate any memory in it. What it is doing is creating a pointer to the memory taken when the array is then initialized.

On the other hand, when an array is declared in C++, the memory is allocated at the time of declaration, so declaring an empty array is a big no-no because the compiler doesn’t know how much memory to reserve for the array.

This is the key difference between java and c++ in this case.
Keep discovering. Thanks

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Hi there let me help you to solve this by illustrating an example.

Classes Bat;

Class ball


Void play(Bat&ball);



Class Bat

Ball &ballA;

Float ball posx=800;



Void ball::play(Bat & ball)


ball.ball posx +=10;

Int main()



Here defining  function play requires the complete definition of class Ball.because it can access it's data member in your code.for eg: In module ball.cpp has no access to the definition of class ball which arises an error by the compiler
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