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What are the coding segments of a stretch of eukaryotic DNA called?
a. exons
b. introns
c. replicons
d. transposons
e. codons

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The Correct Answer of this question is A) exons


Eukaryotic DNA replication is a preserved mechanism that determines DNA replication to once per cell cycle. Eukaryotic DNA replication of chromosomal DNA is central for the duplication of a cell and is require for the maintenance of the eukaryotic genome. DNA replication is the action of DNA polymerases synthesizing a DNA strand complementary to the main template strand. To adjust DNA, the double-stranded DNA is unwound by DNA helicases ahead of polymerases, forming a replication fork bearing two single-stranded templates. Replication procedure permit the copying of a single DNA double helix into two DNA helices, which are divided into the daughter cells at mitosis. The leading enzymatic functions carried out at the replication fork are well reserved from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, however the replication machinery in eukaryotic DNA replication is a much larger complex, coordinating many proteins at the site of replication, forming the replisome.

For Further Reading Go To This Link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eukaryotic_DNA_replication

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