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What is the name of the set of features that improves the visual appearance of Windows? These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Glass effects.
- Window animations.
- Flip 3D
- Snap
- Shake

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Windows Aero is a set of features that improves the visual appearance of Windows. Features of Aero include:

- Glass effects on window borders that make borders semi-transparent (translucent).

- Window animations when windows are opened or closed.

- Taskbar thumbnails show the contents of an open window when you move the mouse over items on the taskbar.

- Windows Flip shows thumbnails of running programs when you use the Alt + Tab keys to switch between running programs.

- Aero Flip 3D is activated with the Window + Tab key shows an expanded 3D view of running programs.

- The Show Desktop button (on the right side of the Taskbar) hides all open windows. Hovering over the button makes the content of all open windows disappear (called Peek).

- Snap is a new feature that maximizes a window as you drag its border to the edge of the screen. Snapping multiple windows on the screen tiles them side-by-side. In Windows 10, Snap is limited to four apps on the desktop and two apps on a tablet.

- Shake lets hide all but the current window. Click the top window border and shake the mouse to hide or unhide all other open windows.

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