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How often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive?

  • once a week
  • once a day
  • once a month
  • once an hour
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2 Answers

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once a week


Some time user needs to defragment their harddisk when it works slow. because Fragmentation refers to the condition of a disk in which files are divided into pieces scattered around the disk. Fragmentation occurs naturally when you use a disk frequently, creating, deleting, and modifying files. There are lots of sectors on the hard disk and if that sector contains any error value then it can be slow or damages.  At some point, the operating system needs to store parts of a file in noncontiguous clusters.

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The correct answer of this question is
1) Once in a week


By default, Windows 7 automatically schedules a disk defragmentation session to run every week. However, you do have to ensure that your computer is ready for the defrag process.  Not too long ago, defragmenting your hard drive rated as a Real Big Deal.

For Further reading go to this link https://ostoday.org/windows/how-often-does-windows-7-vista-automatically-defragment-a-hard-drive.html





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