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Designing and implementing a global database is a technical challenge, mainly because of the _____?
a. variations in the business needs of an organization
b. complications involved in providing complete autonomy to a company's subsidiaries
c. different character sets used for the names of people and places
d. need to transfer data across cultural and geographic boundaries

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Different character sets used for the names of people and places


First, we have to know what is the global database. Global Database is a business intelligence provider, created to help businesses and organizations from all over the world with business leads, company financial information, credit risk, as well as insights on technological advances and innovations a company is using. If what you mean is relationships, there are 3 classic types; one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many. There are two models of database design; logical and physical. Good database design is important in ensuring consistent data, elimination of data redundancy, efficient execution of queries and high-performance application.

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