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While using asp.net everything looks fine to me but this tiny little annoying error message. Does it come from the browser? or from other sources?

it looks like –

xml parsing error: no root element found Location: .......

Any help would be appreciated as I’m still a beginner.


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2 Answers

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xml parsing error happens for few of many reasons I know by researching about the problem before.

→ Not setting the proper content type of response - the controller you use while developing ASP.NET expects the response page to be of XML but it gets a blank HTML document.

→ Sometimes it happens with firefox browser as well, if the render page is empty.

You may want to try several following ways and see if anything works for you to get rid of:

=> make sure no closing tag is missing on your page's html

=> add the following line to your .cs page to tell ASP.NET that the response you are sending is a HTML text not that expected XML

Response.ContentType = "text/HTML"

Let me know if you can find any other solution that works for you. 

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This issue occurs due to the pipeline mode in your application pool settings that your website is set to.

Short method:

In this method, two procedures can be applied;

  1. Change the Application Pool mode the one that has classic pipeline enabled. This adds the following line of codes;

     <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />

  1. Your web.config will be needed to alter to support the integrated pipelines. This is as simple as removing the parts of your web.config.

The use of the first approach is bad practice. So, it is suggested to use the second approach.

Long method:

The best solution is to change your application to support the integrated pipelines. There is a number of changes between the IIS6 and IIS7.x that will raise an error message.

If you are unable to do that then you have to change the App pool which may be more difficult to do and totally depends upon the availability of your web server.

  • Go to the webserver.
  • Open the IIS manager.
  • Navigate to your site.
  • Click on the Advanced Settings on the right Action pane.
  • Under Application Pool, change it to the app pool that has classic enabled.


If you can access the server after these changes, then do this through the hosted server and contact them for help.


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