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Hello fellas

I’ve started learning C++ recently. I am having a problem. I can’t compile my code because some unknown error. It throws me me back “no matching function for call to c++” while I am trying to compile it. Do you have any idea?

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Hello Pal,

As you didn’t attach any sample codes here. I am assuming you are having a type mismatch problem in your code. This the reason that GCC produces such error. The function you may be calling in your code exists, but the overload for the combination of arguments you've used doesn't exist. Example in practical terms:

struct Foo {
  int simplefun(int a) {
    // body
  int simplefun(const string& a) {}

Then you call

Foo f;
int r = f.simplefun(0.1, "text");

In this case floating-point number doesn't match and char[] doesn't match. But if the first argument is an integer, then the compiler could apply the implicit conversion to a temporary string.

Correcting your call to a function could save you from this error.


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