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Well, I am a new student of java programming. Nowadays I am learning how to use multiple classes in a java program. Based on my learning I’ve written a code that gave me an error, “Invalid method declaration; return type required

I am attaching the snippet here:

public class Circle 
      public CircleR(double r) 
       radius = r; 

        public double area( )  //area method 
          double a = Math.PI * radius * radius; 
          return a; 

    public double circumference( )  //circumference method 
      double c = 2 * Math.PI * radius; 
      return c; 

        public double radius;

Can you, please tell me where I am doing the wrong thing?

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1 Answer

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When defining constructors of a class, they should have the same name as its class. You are getting the error because your constructor has a different name from its class.

To run the program error-free you need to change the class name or the constructor name.  

public CircleR(double r)

to the constructor name

public Circle(double r)

or the class name from:

public class Circle


public class CircleR

Keep discovering new things. Thanks

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