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I wrote the following subclass for my main program:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "function.h"

#define READFILE "r"
#define WRITEFILE "w"

void CreateWordList (char inputFileName [ ])
   FILE* inputFile;
   inputFile = fopen (inputFileName, WRITEFILE);
   if (inputFile == NULL)
      fprintf(stderr, "Error - Cannot open %s for reading!\n", 
      exit (-1);

int CountNumberOfWords (FILE* inputFile)
   int wordCounter = 0;
   char wordArray [WORDARRAYSIZE];
   while (fgets (wordArray, WORDARRAYSIZE, inputFile) != NULL )
   return wordCounter;

Basically, I'm just trying to count the number of words in a data file, where you have no idea how many words are actually there. The first function has not been completed and is completely useless in its remedial stages, but somewhere, the following error occurs, “Undefined reference to main c++”

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It seems like you are a pretty advance programmer, unfortunately, you did a basic level mistake in your code.

The main() function is the life of a c++ program and I didn’t find any main() in your program. Put the main()

int main()
  return 0;


 in your code on the proper section and give it another try. It should work fine for sure.

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