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Hello good people,

I am learning java academically. I just started a few days ago. Recently, I figured out something ++ and -- in a sample program in my book. Based on that program I wrote a program as well as being myself. My code is compiling and running successfully but I don’t know how it’s working and why? Your effort will be remembered. Thanks.

My sample snippet is attached below:


class Operator {
    public static void main(String[] args){
          int n=5;    


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1 Answer

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In programming, the ++ and -- are known as increment and decrement.

Suppose you declare a variable named var and put the ++ & -- sign as following:

var++      ------ This is post-increment

++var      ------ This is pre-increment

var--       ------ This is post-decrement and

--var       ------ This is pre-decrement

In your program, you must be  getting the value of


It means the post-increment adding your number by 1 on the first line and then it reduced by 1 because of the post-decrement operator.

I hope you get it clearly.

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