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Hello good soul,

I have passed a successful year in java programming and now started learning python very recently. In java, I used the array.length function to find out the string length. What is the best practice in python to count a String length?

Thanks for your answer.
I really appreciate your effort.

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Hello Gavin,

I am aware that you have a strong command of programming as per your saying. In python, we can do the same thing in different ways.

I am going to introduce you to the function count().  It is the most convenient method in Python to get the occurrence of any element in any container. This is easy to code and remember and hence quite popular.

# Python3 code to demonstrate  
# occurrence frequency using  

# initializing string  
my_str = "I Love Python"
# using count() to get count  
counter = my_str.count('o') 
# printing result  
print ("Count of o in I Love Python is : "
                           +  str(counter))

The above program will look for the ‘O’ in our my_str and the output would be:

Count of o in I Love Python is : 2


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