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Hello all,

I’ve started learning python very recently. On the other day, I found a method called decode() 

I wrote a simple code using this method but unfortunately, it’s not working. What is the way to use the method decode()? 

Find my sample code attached below:

for lines in open('file','r'):
    decodedLine = lines.decode('dGhpcyBpcyBzdHJpbmcgZXhhbXBsZS4uLi53b3chISE=')
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')


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1 Answer

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Let me show you the basic usages of decode() and encode().

Str = "Hello World!";
Str = Str.encode('base64','strict');

print "Encoded String: " + Str
print "Decoded String: " + Str.decode('base64','strict')

I wrote a program that encodes our program and decodes it later on. And my program is producing the output:

Encoded String: SGVsbG8gV29ybGQh

Decoded String: Hello World!


For more information, please check this documentation

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