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I am new to python programming I was trying to create bot service of twitch but I am totally confused about how to search for ports and hosts. The code I wrote is:


import socket
 def opensocket(socket):

      s = openscoket("irc.twitch.tv", port)

but it gives me error:

  File "main.py", line 2
    def opensocket(socket):
IndentationError: unexpected indent

I used port because I don’t know how to search for serial ports. I also have an error in my code how can I solve this? 

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1 Answer

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You can search in the link for your query:


To get help for your ports use the command line:

python -m serial.tools.list_ports:

And also can use:

import serial.tools.list_ports
COMPORT = serial.tools.list_ports.comports()
connected = []
for things in COMPORT:
print("Your port is: " + str(connected))

Happy coding

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