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Hello Pal,

I have a query regarding the python programming language. The question is, which method will return an empty string when it has attempted to read beyond the end of a file?
Do you have any idea about this?

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I understand that you wanted to read a file as input by your program. If I am not wrong you asked the question, which method will return an empty string when it reached the end of the file.

When a program reaches the (EOL) end of the line the .read() method returns an empty string whether the input file has a string or not.

f = open('test_file.txt')

>>> f.read() # reading the entire file
'Test File has data.'

>>> f.read() # Here you've reached the end of the file 

f.read() function return (‘ ‘). Here the program reached the end of the file.

I hope this will help you. To understand the .read() function better, follow the LINK

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