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Hello all,

I am a new, college student who is learning python programming. I am thinking to write a program that will input a text file and read all the vowels from it and determines when it comes to the end of the file. So, is it possible to create a while loop that determines when the end of a file has been reached?

Thanks in advance.

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The answer is: YES! You can write a code that read vowels from the input text and determines the end of the line.

vowels = {'A','E','I','O','U','a','e','i','o','u'}

with open('my_file.txt') as f:
    vow = sum(ch in vowels for line in f for ch in line.strip())
while True:
    line = f.readline().strip()
    if line == '':

Here, we defined our vowels and checked it into our input, and then checked through a While-loop if it reaches the end of the line or not!

Hence, (‘ ‘) define an empty string or (EOL) and of the line.


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