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Hello good soul,

I am a newbie in python programming. I am having a problem printing both the name on the list and the email. Let me put it this way, I want to write a for loop to print each contact in contact_emails.
Any solution will be much appreciated.

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As per your question, I understood you want to use a for-loop to print each contact in contact_emails. It means you are willing to print both of the strings in a particular dictionary.

Let’s define some contact_emails first and then use the for-loop to print both of the strings below:

contact_emails = {
'Naymul Hasan' : 'n.hasan@gmail.com',
'Fuad Mostofa': 'mostofa.fuad@ymail.com',
'Rifat Rahman': 'rrahman@gmail.com'

for email in contact_emails:
print('%s is %s' % ( contact_emails[email], email))

This program will throw back the output below:

n.hasan@gmail.com is Naymul Hasan  
rrahman@gmail.com is Rifat Rahman  
mostofa.fuad@mail.com is Fuad Mostofa  

Hope this helps you. Thanks.

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