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Hi all, I am an entry-level student in Python programming. I have got an assignment from my lecturer to write a program that prints a diamond shape made of *. Well, I want to learn from the very basics. As I understood it might be the very basics of printing a diamond.
So, I want to write a nested loop program to print a rectangle. sample output for the given program

* * *
* * *

Thanks in advance

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Hello Gavin,

I come to know that you are an entry-level programming student, and you want to write a program that prints a rectangle with three columns and two rows. Yes, this is pretty basics of nested loop problems.
Let me walk you through my code below:

rows = 2
cols = 3

for m in range(rows):
    print('*', end=' ')
    for n in range(cols-1):
        print('*', end=' ')

Look into my codes very carefully, please. This nested loop will print a rectangle of two rows and three columns, as you are looking for.
First, for-loop will produce the rows and the second one will the columns. 

I hope you get me. Thanks.

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