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Let me put it as sim as I can. I have an if statement in my code and it returns a value. Since IF is a boolean statement it should return value whether it’s true or false. So, in my program when a method tests an argument and returns a true or false value, it should return. That all I am trying to say. I already wrote a code attaching below:

public boolean isValid() {
   boolean examine;
   int var = 10;

   if (var > 5){
      examine = true;
   } else {
      examine = false;

 return examine;

Now, I want to use my isValid() method as a parameter in a different method inside an IF statement. How should I do that?
Any kind of help is appreciated by my side.

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As per your question, I summed up my understanding that you wanted to pass the isValid() in an IF statement.

Just put the method inside the IF statement, like this:

if(isValid()) {
    // Do Something
} else {
    // Do Something

Here the IF statement will return a value whether it is true or false.
That’s all you have to do. Thanks

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