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Hello, the good people of Kodlogs,

I am struggling with confusion for the last hour. What is the basic and main difference between the (==) and .equal() in java? Can I use the operator == to check whether two variables refer to the same array? If it is possible, please give me an example. Both usages of them are much appreciated in a single program.


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Hello Gavin,

Let’s understand what is the == operator and .equal() in java first. Generally, both the == and .equal() use for comparison of objects equality, but they still have some differences. The very first inequality of them is, the == is an operator and the .equal() is a function. The .equal() function is used for the comparison of the values of the object, but the other one is used for checking the memory location of both objects.

Let’s write a code using both the operator and function in a single program as you requested above:

public class TestClass { 
    public static void main(String[] args) 
        String str1 = new String("I am Gavin"); 
        String str2 = new String("I am Gavin"); 
        System.out.println(str1 == str2); 

This program will produce the output :


Because we created two string object str1 and str2 assigned both of them with the same value. As we know the == operator checks the memory location of two objects and .equals() check the values of two objects.


I hope you get the point. Thanks. Keep coding.

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