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I am a little curious about java variables. I was trying to figure out how does it work if I don’t initialize a variable after defined. I assumed if the variable is an integer it could be equivalent to 0 and for String, it could be a null value.

I tried to compile my code with this state but it thrown me back Not Initialized. If you attempt to use a local variable before it has been given a value:

Can anybody explain the thing clearly to me? Your answers are appreciated.

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How exactly a JVM does this is entirely up to the JVM and shouldn't matter for a programmer, since the compiler ensures that you do not read uninitialized local variables. On the other hand, Fields are different. They don’t require to assigned before reading them unless they are Final type. 

The value of a field that has not been assigned is null for reference types or the 0 value of the appropriate primitive type if the field has a primitive type. 

I hope I cleared the things for you. If you have further queries, please reply to this thread.


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