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I was trying to compile my java code but it throws me an error below:

invalid escape sequence (valid ones are \b \t \n \f \r \ \' \\ )" It happened when I was trying to taking input by a Scanner class in my code.

I am really quite new in java. So. it goes beyond my understanding. Could anyone please help me out from here? I must appreciate your help.

Here is the code snippet:

InputReader job = new InputReader
               (new InputReader("\My Documents\job\jobfile.txt"));


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Well, you need to know the difference between \ and \\ first. In java, | is called an escape character. You need to use the \\ in your file path instead of \

Here you go:

InputReader job = new InputReader
               (new InputReader("\\My Documents\\job\\jobfile.txt"));

Now, this program should work fine without the error you were getting earlier. If you want to know more about escape character, please check this link


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